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Our Team Specializes In:

Let our Vascular Access Specialists Meet Your Needs!

IV Therapy is a skilled art and our highly trained and experienced nurses are here to serve you.

IV Nurse Consultants provides a skilled service to Hospitals, Hospice, and long term health centers. Our nurses provide IV insertion to medical and dental clinics. Whether it is a basic peripheral line, or advanced PICC line placed under portable ultrasound at bedside. Our IV Nurse Consultants team is trained to assist you in meeting your patients’ needs.

Our IV Nurse Team is proficient in the latest innovations in portable equipment such as the portable Ultrasound and the Navigator. A variety of lines are placed to meet the individual needs of the patient such as Midline, PICC, PowerPICC, Groshung, single and double lumen.

IV Nurse Consultants Specialty Services Include:

IV Starts

Peripheral IV Starts

Instead of sending your patients out for IV access, call us to place those difficult lines.

Lab Draws

Lab Draws

If you are having difficulty getting your blood work drawn, contact us for an IV nurse to come to your facility for a lab draw.


Midline & PICC placements

What is a PICC? (Click Here!)

When access is needed for one or multiple weeks, call us to place a longer term line. If you have found your patient’s catheter has broken at the hub, we can usually repair it or do an exchange over a guide wire using the modified Seldinger Technique.


Port-a-Cath Access Central Line Care & Maintenance

The crucial elements in IV therapy are education, training, responsibility and accountability. Call us to provide our highly trained specialized nurse experts to enhance your skilled nursing facility.


The latest innovative technology in portable ultra sound

Our IV Nurse team is proficient in the placement of lines using the latest portable ultrasound equipment. This equipment benefits to our clients by further reducing the need for costly and inconvenient trips to a hospital for interventional placement of PICC or Midlines. It also decreases complication incidences such as local phlebitis when the Midline or PICC is placed a few inches above the Antecubital Fossa, so the vein is not subjected to the stress and tension of normal activities.

Patients can now be accessed through the ultrasound technology, conveniently performed at their bedside by our Registered Nurse IV Consultants.



This truly is the latest technological aid for PICC and peripheral line insertion. By utilizing the navigator we can determine approximate tip location of PICC.