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Basic/Advanced Concepts & Technology of IV Therapy


This Course is 8 to 16 hours and is tailored to the individual group. Using the contents from the above two programs it is combined into one program and presented over an agreed amount time period. An example of a 12 hour program s described below by condensing the above two 8 hour programs into one 12 hour program, these are the objective I would plan to cover during the 12 hours. The below objectives can be changed to meet the needs of the individual group and the time can be changed accordingly.

Through the utilization of lecture, videos, handouts, discussion and hands-on practice to familiarize participants with Midlines, PICCs, Central Venous Catheters, Ports and P.A.S. Ports. There will be a review of methods for performing care and maintenance on long term lines, flushing, syringe selection & PSI, dressing changes, occlusion, catheter repair, blood sample collection, catheter removal and post insertion complications are explored thoroughly.

Whether you are a new grad, first time with advanced lines or an LPN/RN with years of IV therapy experience, you will greatly benefit from this course.

In order to obtain IV Certification, you will need to complete the contents of this program, reviewing handout material, IV Manikin and/or participant practice of a dressing change, post-test and completion of an evaluation form.

"A certificate is awarded after successful completion"


None (Must have an interest in the healthcare field.)


Student Manual - $55.00 (price includes tax) or in-class rental: $10


$450.00 per person (our facility)

Group Rates

6+ People $435.00 each (our facility or yours)
9+ People $425.00 each (our facility or yours)
13+ People $410.00 each (our facility or yours)

There may be additional charges for travel, depending on location.

Basic Lecture

Advanced Lecture

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