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Courses & Training
IV Therapy Courses and Training:

IV Therapy Certification and Refresher Courses

Proper administration of intravenous ("IV") drug therapy requires a highly trained nursing staff. IV Nurse Consultants is committed in providing a diverse and distinctive educational program that long term care professionals can utilize to advance their knowledge, meet re-licensure requirements, and enhance their overall educational needs. Upon request, our IV Nurse Consultants Team provides an education and certification program on IV therapy to assure proper staff training and compliance with regulatory requirements within the facilities.

*A JAMA study estimated that 106,000 hospital patients die and 2.2 million injured each year by adverse reactions to medications.

The need for absolute accuracy in identifying, calculating, and administering drugs has always been a basis of safe health care. Approximately four years ago, after a series of articles by Chicago Tribune it was brought to light a growing and serious problem in America. The concern of safety due to medication and drug errors became part of the national consciousness.

The reports of medication errors shows that those responsible for providing care could be inadvertently placing their patients in life-threatening situations. Nurses are affected significantly, as their primary duties relate to drug calculation and administration of medication. As the nursing shortage deepens and become more acute over the next ten years, greater pressures will be placed on nurses. It is expected there will be higher-to-patient ratios, longer hours, and mandated overtime to name a few of the impacts, nurses will experience. This shortage has contributed to the difficulty of health care institutions to train their staff to the extent they would prefer and that JCAHO suggests.

According to recent Online Survey, Certification and Reporting (OSCAR) data, over 30,000 nursing facility residents nationwide receive infusion therapy during their stay. Due to the lack of experience and training, many facilities continue to be ill equipped to handle IV's.

What are the most common errors associated with infusion therapy in the nursing facility setting? How can facilities help to prevent errors and provide education to staff that is necessary to deal with these complicated therapies and complications associated with IV therapy?

IV Nurse Consultants understands the importance of continuing education and the requirements to stay current with the changes that continually take place in IV therapy. We offer a wide variety of intravenous educational programs, including refresher, basic, advanced, in-services, and workshops. These programs have been designed to be directed towards the needs of the long-term care facilities and hospitals. They can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual facility.

IV Therapy Courses Offered:

IV Training Courses:


We have designed our courses for Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and other Practitioners who will be involved in the insertion, care and/or maintenance of intravenous cannulae.

The courses and inservices have been developed to comprehensively cover the professional, legal and practical requirements for extending the scope of professional practice for Nurses and Practitioners to undertake this role.

As our participants go through their learning process, we cover many of the following areas of Risk Management, Legal and Professional Issues, Anatomy and Physiology, Procedure and Complications and a Practical Session.

It is suggested that after completion of our programs and inservices, participants are supervised while they turn their newly learned skill into practice.

Our instructions can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals or specific groups, at your convenience. Whether you have a defined duty to act in emergencies or you want to know the best way to help in an emergency, we have your training solutions.

Classes can be scheduled weekdays, weekends and evenings, at your location or ours.