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Basic Concepts & Technology of Intravenous (IV) Therapy


This program is an 8 hour course that is great for LPNs, RNs, EMTs and any other medical professionals who need to earn their certificate, enhance or refresh their skills. The training will be via in-depth lectures, utilizing PowerPoint presentation, handouts, discussion, may include videos as well as hands-on practice to ensure a complete learning experience and understanding of the delivery of IV therapy. Topics covered within the program include an overview of I.V. Therapy, venous and vascular anatomy and physiology, nursing management and patient assessment and actions related to routine care and maintenance, clinical considerations, fluid and electrolytes, types of uses of IV therapy, site selection, venipuncture procedure, tips, case studies designed to serve as a learning tool and the discussion of complications related to IV therapy, etc. There will be a variety of the latest equipment for hands on viewing.

In skillful hands, an intravenous catheterization procedure is quickly and easily performed with little pain to the patient. This unique educational program is a great resource that fosters safe practice and can help reduce errors associated with these important skills. It adheres to INS standards of care. Completion of this program can result in a skill that will be of immeasurable benefit, over the years, to both patients and medical professional inserting the IV. Participants will have the opportunity to practice on manikins to demonstrate a simulated insertion.

In order to obtain IV Certification, you will need to complete the contents of this program, reviewing handout material, IV Manikin practice,post-test and completion of an evaluation form. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Concepts and Technology in IV Therapy with Mid-Line / PICC Care & Maintenance.

A certificate is awarded after successful completion
Continuing Education Hours: 8


None (Must have an interest in the healthcare field.)


Student Manual - $55.00 (price includes tax) or in-class rental: $10


$250.00 per person (our facility).

Group Rates

6+ People $235.00 each (our facility or yours).
9+ People $225.00 each (our facility or yours).
13+ People $210.00 each (our facility or yours).

There may be additional charges for travel, depending on location.

IV Training Courses:

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